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Long Necklaces w/ lockets, medallions or personalize meaningful pendants:
Necklaces have gotten longer – the longer the better.  Celebrities and fashion designers are layering long gold chains, often including their favorite pendants (medallions, lockets, etc.) to personalize the look.   Marc Jacobs used a bold gold necklace in his fall 2005 runway show, and Joss Stone gave an incredible performance at the 2005 Grammy's singing with Melissa Etheridge while her gold chains and stacked bangles swayed with her every movement.
Drop Earrings:
It's exciting to see how gold designers are re-inventing earrings.  Tired of chandeliers, they are elongating gorgeous gold textures to credit eye-catching earrings for every face shape and hair-style.  It's no wonder earrings continue to be the best sellers for the gold category.   There are also many new re-invented hoop earrings (hoops with dangles, hoops with fringe, square and rectangular hoops) – many inspired by the Hip Hop music generation.
Bold at the Wrist:
Celebrities have been gracing the red carpets of Hollywood in stackable gold bangles for all of the spring awards shows and events, especially the Grammy's.  With fall 2005 fashions featuring longer romantic full cuff sleeves, consumers are sure to follow suit with their own favorite bold gold cuff bracelet or armful of stackable gold bangles. 
Gold Plus:
This is the most exciting thing to happen to the gold jewelry industry in quite some time.  Mixing gold with non-traditional materials (wood, plastic, rubber, leather, etc.) opens a whole new market for gold jewelry and will hopefully get younger consumers into the gold category much earlier. These designs also allow for personalized looks as many are versatile, allowing consumers to pick their favorite color of enamel or plastic or colored string or silk to wear with their golden goodies.  These gold plus items also allow for bold looks at affordable price points .

Cocktail Time:
Big bold cocktail rings are statement makers for the holiday season! Colorful gemstones set in the warmth of yellow gold are leading this trend. Your customers can shake hands with pizzazz as the ring sparkles in cocktail-hour candle light.   The right hand ring now comes in every variety and every color of metal and stone.

Runway to RealwayYellow gold is now at the forefront of the fashion and celebrity world, being worn on the red carpets at award shows and being included by leading fashion designers in their runway show. Gold is highly sought after by jewelry consumers in all areas of the country. Retailers who work with their suppliers and embrace new product designs and innovation in gold jewelry will reap the rewards.
Basics are Out, Design is In

Consumer research informs us that consumers would buy more gold, if there were more unique and innovative pieces of gold jewelry available to purchase.  During the 2004 holiday season, consumers put their money where their mouths were. Consumers did not purchase the standard chains and basics that had supported gold sales for a number of years. They bought fresh, new designs in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

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